Nusantara Festival

16 August 2015.
Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kintamani, Bali.
Nusantara Festival

Bali maintain a thorough knowledge universals vision – holistic – intact ancient civilization of the Sun , through a dating system “Pawukon Nusantara”. With this system the people of Bali govern the rhythm of his steps from the beginning to start something even also determine the motion of the ultimate goal of life.

As a cult to the Sun as Shiva – Raditya, Gayatri – chant echoed so the sun bestows brilliance of mind (dhi) and the glory (jyotir).
When the sun is in the position on the head upright, or noon, the sun touches the horizon in the western sphere, which marks the junction between the bright and dark days. And this is how the important days are determined. Balinese tradition leads the people to be on the right time tract. More monumental period is during the full and dark moon, the day when the moon is full and bright, and the dark days when the moon is not seen. During that moment, Siwa-Raditya-Rudra which carry yellowish red colour is appreciated as “Rodasi” in the form of “Adhanareswari”, an integrated inseparable harmonious equality.

People of Bali worship the sun as an energy source of life, making the Sun Civilization in Bali became so rooted in their daily life, and becoming the the vision of human’s spiritual life. In the context of worship , the Sun’s position chosen by the selection of the auspicious day and the right momentum.