Gus Teja World Music


  • Rhythm of Paradise Rhythm of Paradise
    Rhythm of Paradise

    A wonderful ethnic traditional music island of Bali enriched by a fusion of modern influences.

    song title : 1. Situ Sayong ( Secret of the Lake ) 2. Morning Happiness 3. Putri Cening Ayu ( Balinese Folks Song ) 4. Galang Bulan ( The Full Moon ) 5. Whispering of Hopes 6. Bali Shanti 7. Dream 8. Hidden Beauty

  • Flute for Love
    Flute for Love

    Gus Teja world music is an ethnic music group that blends traditional musical instruments such as slonding, tingklik, drums, and flute combined with modern musical instruments like guitar and bass guitar. Gus Teja world music features flutes from around the world, like the Native American Flutes, Ocarina, Shakuhachi, Pan Flute, Hulusi, and of course the Balinese Flute.

    song title : 1. Feel with Love 2. Hero 3. Lost Love 4. Beauty in Colors 5. Suara Cinta 6. Coming Home 7. Jepun Putih 8. Stalaktite Cave 9. Bali Jalan-Jalan 10. Melody of Peace